John “Andy” Bradshaw

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We all face challenges in life. Being able to talk openly and freely about them in a supportive, non-judgmental environment can be extremely helpful. I take a pragmatic, empathic approach to therapy. I am warm and encouraging by nature. I help clients identify what’s keeping them from reaching their goals and we develop plans together to help them achieve those objectives. Whatever your goals may be—reduced anxiety/stress, greater peace of mind, better personal relationships, more happiness and fulfillment—I want you to come away from our sessions feeling like you’re getting the support you need as you work to overcome challenges in your life.

I work with adults, children, and adolescents on a range of issues including anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, substance abuse, and grief. I have a Masters’ Degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and have worked in hospice, school, and community center settings. In addition to psychotherapy, my professional background includes work and benefits counseling with people with disabilities and advocacy in the areas of disability rights and education.

John “Andy” Bradshaw, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #101517; Supervised by Dino Di Donato, MFT #39831

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Types of OCD

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OCD: A Brief History

Obsessions and compulsions have likely been around since humans first roamed the earth. In the 6th/7th century AD, John Climacus, a monk living in the Sinai Desert wrote of worshippers who were troubled by intrusive “blasphemous thoughts”, which kept them... Read more »

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