June 2016: Gay/Bi Men’s Meditation & Encounter Group (10 weeks)

March 23rd, 2016

by Kip Williams

“How do other people see me?” Beginning with a day-long urban retreat on June 25 in downtown San Francisco, gay and bisexual men will explore this question in a 10-week group designed to expose the complex web of thoughts and feelings that begin to develop within moments of first meeting each other. While we usually conceal these private experiences deep inside, exploring them together in a safe and structured way provides many benefits, including:

  • Developing self-understanding and interpersonal communication
  • Getting honest feedback about your impact on other people
  • Breaking down your fears and insecurities about people seeing the “real you”
  • Aligning your intentions and actions to build stronger relationships
  • Learning more about how other people see your strengths and resources
  • Getting authentic contact with other gay and bi men outside of the bar, dating/hookup sites, and other social settings

This group also provides an opportunity for men to learn about and practice meditation. No prior experience with meditation is necessary.


The group will be limited to 12 participants who will commit to attend all meetings prior to the day-long retreat on Saturday, June 25. We will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. through August 24. Each 2-hour group will begin with a 20-minute meditation (along with instruction and guidance). Experienced facilitators Dino Di Donato and Kip Williams are currently accepting phone calls and emails from interested participants.

Fees: $150 for the day-long retreat; $60 for subsequent weekly sessions

Fees should not prohibit anyone’s participation. Please call to discuss a reduced fee.

For more information or to discuss participation, please contact Kip at 415.690.8089 or kip@marketstreetpsychotherapy.com.

About the Facilitators

Dino Di Donato and Kip Williams* have several combined decades of advocacy and direct services advancing LGBTQ rights and supporting gay and bisexual men to strengthen our health, well-being, relationships, and communities. Building on their shared clinical, political, and philosophical interests, they offer a dynamic and intergenerational experience to group participants looking to explore the special challenges that gay and bisexual men face in building fulfilling relationships with each other.

Kip Williams and Dino Di Donato

*Kip Williams, MFT #93170; Dino Di Donato, MFT #39831

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